Saturday, August 20, 2011

Romance movies

I am a sucker for romance movies (aka chick flicks). I do enjoy the romantic comedies the most but I have a liking for the romantic drama. However, I have a serious case or situation where I would watch a movie and have the feeling that I can react the way the characters did in the movie!!! So if I watch Step Up, I swear I can dance.

If I watch Fast and the Furious I believe I can drive to escape the cops.

If I watch a romantic movie I will assume that there is a guy out there that will fuck up or we will be immense enemies and then we will fall in love and live happily (or try to) ever after.

So a coworker, my sis and I went to watch a couple movies!!! First we saw "Crazy, Stupid Love"Crazy, Stupid, Love. Poster
Which was really cute and funny and just all round fun!!

Then we saw "Friends with Benefits"
Friends with Benefits Poster

Another cute movie but more predictable.

Now I just wanna hang out with guys cause in these movies they make talking and hanging out with guys look soooo easy. Oh well it will wear off soon, maybe after I get some sleep.


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