Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to drink Absinthe

Ok I have always been a fan of Absinthe but I never really drank it. But A friend of mine said that she had tasted it and had to spit it out. However she didnt do it the right way, she did it as a shot!!!! OOHHH NOOOO!!!!!! Well here is the true way to do it!!! So nxt time (hopefully I am there to coordinate that they do this right) we will do this the right way!!! Hope it is of some great use to you!

The traditional method for drinking absinthe is to mix it with water and sugar. How much you mix in of each is up to the drinker and how they want it to taste. This article will go over several of the common methods and how to mix it in a traditional way.
Order Absinthe OnlineMeasuring out the Absinthe
absinthe glass
First get together everything you need. You will need a glass, water, sugar, a spoon, absinthe, and something to measure it all out with. To the left is a picture of a traditional reservour and absinthe spoon.
measure out absinthe
Next Measure out one to two ounces of absinthe into your glass. The usual ratio of absinthe to water is 1:3 or 1:5. For a traditional glass 2oz at 1:3 will give an 8oz drink and fill most of the glass. If you would like to make it a little weaker you can put in only 1oz for a 6oz drink after adding 5oz of water.
absinthe measured
Adding Sugar
If the kiss of the green fairy is too bitter for your tastes you can add sugar. The traditional way is to place an absinthe spoon over the glass and slowly drip cold water through the sugar cube to disolve it into the absinthe.
absinthe sugar cube
Burning Absinthe
burning absinthe
Burning Absinthe is not traditional, but it will easily amaze your friends. To do it drip some absinthe onto the sugar cube and light it on fire. Hold it over the glass and let the carmalized sugar drip down into the absinthe in the glass.
The Easy Way
If you don't have an absinthe spoon, sugar cubes, or an absinthe glass you can just use granulated sugar, mix it in any suitable glass like a normal drink, and save yourself some time. The green fairy may show up in sweat pants and a janky t-shirt, but its all good.
adding sugar
Time to party like its 1899!
Now just mix it all together with your spoon and your absinthe is ready to drink. Absinthe is best in moderation. The wormwood and thujone effects are strong, but if you drink too much it will be similiar to just drinking too much alcohol since absinthe is usually a very high proof. For that reason its effects will be more noticable if you have not already been drinking when you bust out the absinthe.
absinthe mixed


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