Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I was having a word with one of my co workers about religion and after our conversation she has become one of the Christians that I have much respect for in relation to religion. Then a while later I saw she had put up a quote and I had liked it on fb. She then sent me the link to the song that the quote came from. So when I went to the link I was like damn this dude is really cute (yes I went there). Then as I was listening to the song I realized that this is the type of Gospel that I dont really like because as soon as they start my mind classifies it as Gospel and I start to zone out. Well here is the song: The I remembered there was a group (actually a duo) who sang Gospel and they would be the individuals I would listen to if I actually did listen to Gospel like that. I heard about them when I was in high school and whenever I heard them I would listen to them cause you dont know that they are Gospel artists until you listen to the lyrics. This duo is Mary Mary. So I looked up a song and found this one: But then I noticed that I used to listen to a few Gospel artists but I didnt know they were gospel until someone had drawn it to my attention. They not only satisfied my gospel but they satisfied my young souls need for ROCK!!! I would say they are as popular as Nickelback. They are POD and Creed Here is an example of Creed: Now one from POD: So it would be interesting what kinda Gospel you are into (even if you not a Christian you might find one of the 4 I put up that might tickle your fancy!!! OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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