Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trans~ (Extended Trailer) 2012

I would love to see this in its entirety. I only wish that people would understand that this is not something that has only happened now. It has been happening for centuries it is only now that people are talking and people have the resources to acting out what they feel. I have great respect for people like this because they go for what they believe is true for them. I am not in the same boat as them but I have much respect for them.

People are convinced that it is the devil or some evil force that has people Gay and Lesbians but no it is a situation that life is not and will never be black and white. There will always be that gray area with shades of dark gray, light gray and everything in between. It also make s you think of all the individuals who committed suicide when they were young and didnt understand why their body was doing something it wasn't suppose to do in their own minds. Like with him, in his mind he was wondering why he was a girl and why was he having his period, why he had breast? and now that he has the voice and body of a man (I doubt he is complete as yet) He sees himself as what he wants to be.

Why does society want to dictate what you are? You are man! You are woman! You must get married! You must have Babies! You must work! You must retire! NO!!!!! There are those gray areas that no one ever thinks of. Yes you are a man but you could also be feminine, or like men. Yes you are a woman, but you could also be masculine, or like women. No, you dont need to get married but it would be helpful with taxes. No you dont need to have babies (enough stupid ppl and young girls are having enough to populate the world twice around) and If you want to have a baby but you are in a man man or woman woman relationship, there are enough kids in foster care that would love parents weather it is same gendered.

It just upsets me that society and the church is pressuring people to do what their minds are telling them otherwise. Yes there are mental illnesses but how can such a large population of individuals have this mental illness of homosexuality.

So if you are the Bible thumping, scripture preaching mofo who wants to challenge this. PLEASE keep it to yourself cause my mind is quite made up!!



UPDATE: The person who uploaded the video above does not have an account anymore however I did find this video to replace it with.

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