Sunday, May 20, 2012

Possession of Hit & Run Words

I saw this movie and was like.... this is going to be a bad ass movie. I wont say it gonna be a blockbuster, nor am I saying that it would even reach Antigua but if I ever see it showing anywhere I will sit and watch it just for the laughs. Now this one is like freaking gut wrenching, I-need-to-cry, drama, chick flick that I need in my life. Ok I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HORROR movies but sometimes in my life I will risk my mental state for something that looks quite badass like this. ...........OK I just watched the trailer again and there were some scenes that I didnt really notice like the xray, I paused it to take a good look at the xray and Now I not sure if I can handle this. If it is like Constantine I will watch it, if it is like EMILY ROSE this can go down as a movie that will never be seen. OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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