Sunday, June 10, 2012

Valhalla Rising

Alright, I have a weakness for movies that kinda make you think. This sure is one. It makes you look at the Character himself. The relationship between him and the boy. The journey they encountered and the people they come across. It is very artistically done and I must say I enjoyed it. The visuals were the most captivating part of this movie.

The person who had put this up on youtube had said this (in french and I translated it)
The Silent Warrior (Valhalla Rising) is the film's mystery: the mystery of a geographic area unknown mystery of an omnipresent character on the screen which we will never know the voice, a mystery and strong invisible bond between the child and the warrior. Everything is simple and complex at the same time. Nicolas Winding Refn takes us to a deeper trance divine: repetition of still shots revealing landscapes of mountains and clear waters, mists terrifying when the future has neither shape nor texture, where visions One Eye, bleeding, a look-over and sometimes himself. The images, beautiful, punctuate a journey to hell, where nature, such as film, evolves through the figure of the circle.

Hope you enjoy!

OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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