Saturday, June 14, 2014

Antigua General Elections 2014

So two days ago there was the Antigua & Barbuda General Elections (ABGE). There was mostly a choice between 2 parties: United Progressive Party (UPP) and the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP). There were other smaller independent parties but I do believe they were there for Kicks and Giggles (well not really).

So as soon as the polls closed and all that could vote had voted, the counting had begun. As the night wore on the numbers began rolling in. Some members of the UPP were ahead of the ABLP and vice versa however in the end it turned out that ABLP had won. ABLP pulled through with 14 seats and UPP with 3 seats.

Now I will say congratulations for the ABLP. You have bombarded us with as much billboards as the highways in the entire USA just to make sure to stay current and let us stay aware that it is time for a change. Yes, 2014 is the year of change so far, so I was not too surprised that they won. I must say congratulations again.

However my only pet peeve with this entire thing is how people are reacting. People are going on like the have won the Cold War or something. They also have a very child like spirit to their party having won over the other. Calling on radio stations saying "Tek dat in ya neh nen!" Some people are saying that the supporters of the UPP are sore losers but if they have supporters of the new government being so rude and childish of course they will react a certain way.

I am just ready for this entire thing to blow over and see if they truly deserve their spot as the Government of the state of Antigua & Barbuda. I will now wait for Carnival to commence in its full and vibrant way.

Congratulations to ABLP once again and I hope you do your supporters and our nation proud.



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