Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Welcome to 2016

I have been scarcer than black diamonds in the Caribbean in the year 2015. I have been saying soon I will be posting everyday and everynight. But everyday I end up frustrated and everynight I veg out in front of YouTube.

This year I make no promises but I will show lots of actions. I decided not to lie to myself for the new year of 2016. My resolution was the same as the past few years. Lose weight and become a happier person. But just saying it and then before 1/12th of the year is completed I already broke them both.

So I decided two things are what will happen this year. The first thing is I will smile more whether it is just a smile to hide my frustration or a full out laugh.

The second thing is I will be consistent. Yes there are days when you just can't do that one thing you have to do but when you give up is when you fail at it . SOOOO the goal is to never give up. A Youtuber that I am subscribed to has an acronym for this and live by it everyday.

It is a motto to live by to get far. If you have Faith in yourself and your abilities and in some cases a higher power that make you believe it will happen. Consistency is the defining factor as you can have faith in it but when hard times hit you give up all together. Hard Work is the underdog but without it Faith and Consistency is just a dream that has not been started.

As the year has started so far my friends allow me to laugh and my work allows me to smile to hide my frustrations. The consistency is all in my actions. As long as I keep moving forward that is all that matters.

With this new year I will prove my consistency on my blog and keep you up to date on what is going on in this crazy head of mine.

Gonna go and get some food in my system.



Pic Sources: Cheshire Cat and FCHW
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