Friday, June 4, 2010


I am sick as a dog!!! But that isnt stopping me from doing my shit!!! Ok maybe not my shit but I am saying active! Today I decided it would be smart to stay home and rest (main word "rest") and I began going through some of my stuff and sorted them into Garbage, Sellable and Mine. So I was going through and i found a tourist guide for Aruba and found a page that spoke about Papiamento.

The Native Language
The mother-tongue of Aruba is Papiamento. It is a language, not a dialect and evolved from several older languages as all others have done throughout the history of the spoken word. Papiamento began in the 1500's to enable African slaves to communicate with their owners and has grown in vocabulary by the use of language words from Portuguese and Spanish missionaries, Dutch merchants, South American traders and Indians. Modern terminology has incorporated hundreds of new words and slang into Papiamento adding richness and flexibility to the language. Papiamento is a tonal language and has a rhythm of its own. Some words spelled the same way will have a totally different meaning when an incorrect syllable is emphasized. Arubans are proud of their language so feel free to practice with some of the following phrases to impress your bartender or friends!

Welcome Bonbini
How are you? Con ta bai?
I'm fine Ami ta bon
Good morning Bon dia
Good afternoon Bon tardi
Good evening Bon nochi
See you tomorrow Te manan (pronounced like the word manana in spanish)
Have a nice day Pasa un bon dia
See you later Te aworo
Goodbye Ayo
Thank you Masha danki
Very Good Hopi bon
Sweetheart Dushi
Beautiful Bunita
So that is some random information to expand your knowledge!


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