Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lambada has come a long way!!

I knew there was a Lambada movie and I remember watching it when i was really young. However after watching this trailer I am like.... ok then. But i still wanna watch it again to see what it is about.

Now if you dont know this song you have been leading a really depressing life. However if you havent you can hear it here and fall in love with it!!

So I have been in love with the video and this song like FOREVER!!! AND then I go through youtube and checkin out their music. I come across this cutie who I have loved since his song "Dale Don Dale"

Now he brings his remix (well i dunno if it is remix or not since i dont understand either languages!!! ) The video is sick the music is sick, the lyrics (although i cant understand them) is sick!!! Plus now it makes me impatient for the Fast Five movie to come out!!!

And J.Lo has now made a song that makes me wanna exercise my brains out!!!! Gosh!!! I love the video, I love the song and I love how she incorporated the lambada!!!

Hope you enjoy them all!!!


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