Friday, April 29, 2011

Look at me NOW!!

I love this song for real!!! I have been listenin to it over and over for the past like 20 mins if not more!!! Well here is the actual song.
The song

Now I was just curious on how people would dance to this and the first one I came across was the best of all of them!!! I dont even wanna blink when watchin this gal dance, for fear I would miss something!!! Damn!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!
The best

Now they have these lil boys who did the same part and because they are kids they can do certain moves better than the adults (or they just look down right cute doing it) So this is next in line and they dance routine was just sick!!!
Lil boys

Now after seeing those two you would be like "how could it be any better. or worst" Well it is not better and it isnt worst either. It is the only one that came after this that the guy did really really good!!!
Not Bad


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