Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I know I have a weakness for Jazz, but I always wondered why I have a love for Jazz that has scat in it. Well a few nights ago I decided I was gonna watch some cartoon movies from Disney.

So I watched Dumbo and near the end of the movie I came across this song

And I listened to it like 3 times before I watched the end of the movie. I love this movie cause it is soo old school and there is a moral behind it!! Plus it had a great happy ending (unlike Animal Farm). It had the truth about society, not accepting individuals because they are different. People being greedy, and the good hearted people that you may come across when in time of need.

But back to Jazz, I just love love love this song.

It also reminds me of this Ella Fitzgerald and her One Note Samba:

This makes me happy!!!


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