Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Thought to the Universe

I have been working my ass off and building up my bank account. But I have nothing much to do with the money. So I had just received a comment on my blog entry about MyHotel So recently since we are going through a hard time in the economy so I have been helping out the family where necessary. So as soon as there is a lift in the Economy I will think about a lil thing that would help me in accomplishing my main goal.

I have noticed that working in the hotel industry you can make a good buck for all of your bang (that is hard work). So maybe for my leisure I could go to another hotel in another country for a night or 2. See how they operate and some of their Standards of Procedures.

I random thought that would be cool to carry out. Get some stamps in my passport before I get too old!!! It would be cool to get your feedback. Yea!!


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