Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ranting needs to be done!!

I have noticed that my efforts at work tend to go unseen at times. But I guess that is how life goes. You work your ass off and get no recognition but as soon as you trip up you are scolded like you never did anything good. I would come in to work 15 minutes early to get the work done in a timely manner and I know I wouldnt get any overtime or such. But it is all about the quality of work for me. Yesterday I even went to work 30 minutes early so that I could get stuff done and I was still scolded for something that I had no control over and couldnt change. Right now I just wanna go to another place and relax.

Plus I must admit I am tired of ppl either dissing me saying i am fake or a fraud. (up till last night I was told this. Plus when ppl say shit like "yea ALL Antiguans are fake." I just wanna tell them "well I am not like all Antiguans and if you believe that all Antiguans are fake then go back to your country where everyone is 'real'. " But noo I wouldnt do that because I am not one to express my Anger. But if I do I will have to quit for real!!

My rant is done I shall share some good music now to put me back in a happy place:

Off to work now :(


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