Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tranquility Bay Hotel

This Friday I went to a hotel which seems to be a branch off of a well known resort. I had applied to this hotel for a job but never heard any response from there. But I realised why this Friday. The name of this hotel is Tranquility Bay Hotel. It is a branch off of the Jolly Beach Resort (well I think it is since you have to go through the Jolly Beach Security to reach this hotel. all inclusive vacations

It was me and like 10 other people. When we reached the front desk I notice that the structure of the building is actually a shipping container.

I love that since I had seen a hotel with homes which were shipping containers. However I took points off that the front desk agent didnt inform us where our room was. There was four or five building each of which had different names and so forth. So two of my friends went to find the room while we finished checking in.

When you reach the building that you are in the doors are heavy ass entrance doors with the card locks which I loved sooo much because the hotel I work at has the key locks and they piss me off as hell since right now I am training in Housekeeping and we need a whole bunch of keys for the different rooms/blocks.

When I walked in th room I was highly disappointed because the living room was very tacky. I have always had a problem with floral print on furniture (sofas, chairs, beds, shit even walls). Even though they didnt have florals this is what they had instead.

The saving grace about the room was the fact that the sofa was a flip out sofa bed and I loved that about the sofa. Kinda like this:

The Kitchen was great and very updated. I loved it. ( You can go on the website to see the kitchen). It was a fully stocked kitchen with all the glasses and utensils dishes and even pots and pans.
But when I walked around the entire two bedroom suite I noticed the little things that the hotel I work at was missing. Like the folders that tell you everything about the hotel and their policies. Then I went into the bathroom and they were missing soaps and wash cloths. One of the bathrooms had the toilet paper on the other side of the room, so you had to reach across while on the toilet to get to the tp.

The hotel on a whole was really good and I would still like to work there.




I would love to get a sofa like that in my living room or if I have a Suite have that as a bed. :D

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