Sunday, July 15, 2012

COVERS! (music)

I was listening to and I came across John Mayers song Gravity. I stared to sing along but the voice wasn't what I was used to. So it clicked in my mind that I love love love this song when it is sung by Steph Jones: After a mini mental orgasm I decided to listen to another song that I liked but was originally done by someone else. I am not sure if it was a situation where Steph's voice isn't as smooth as the original but damn, my boo wasn't hitting that mental g-spot. So I went and looked up my babe Robin Thicke. Damn, he sounds soo sexy. Can I say another eargasm. DAMN: Then I saw ppl bashing on Trey Songs and how bad he sounded doing Robin's cover. However I didn't find it that bad, but like Steph, it wasnt as smooth and sexy. The moral of this display is sometime the cover can be even more sexy or even better in all aspects than the original. But then on the hand no one could ever touch the original. Another great Cover was Lisa Lavie!! OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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