Saturday, September 1, 2012


I do feel really rotten for not have blogged anything in a long time. But I have been going through a mental, physical and technological crisis.

I have been having work stresses which have led me on a hunt for a new job. As well as other mental things.

Even though I am to blame for most if not all my physical issues , work didnt help much at all. I know I am the lazy type and if I am to do something I might need company. So there goes the gym along with doing cardio walking. But when I first started working I was walking alot more and I was losing weight rapidly. But with all the movement at work I ended up gaining back the weight and more. :(   So at present I am feeling all forms of pain which is a direct cause of obesity.

And now my technological issues are caused by my retarded ass computer which doesnt allow me to go on blogger.

So right now I just living life trying to stay sane and do what I have to do. I came across the quote today (it is somewhere on this post, I dont know where since I am doing this on my phone) and even though I am not religious I found it had a big and positive impact on how I feel now. I feel that I have taking a great decision and I am open to what is coming next.

So I will try hard not to be a stranger.



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