Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hospitality Human Resources Diaries - Introduction

Welcome one and all to the Hospitality Human Resources Diaries (aka HHR Diaries)

Working in the hospitality industry gives me such an interesting high that I just cant fathom leaving it behind. As well as the 4 year education and the hella huge ass loan I got reminding me why I am there. 

I enjoy making people feel happy, solving their issues, and just meeting new people and sharing experiences with them. I worked in the Food & Beverage Department for three (3) different properties, worked in Housekeeping and worked in Guest Services. These departments are some of the most Exciting departments because you always are on your toes making sure that the guest are satisfied.

I have also worked in Stores, Kitchen, Payroll and in the Executive Office. These may not have been quite direct with the guest satisfaction but it assist with making the property run smooth and efficient. I have trained a bit in the Front Office but it has never really peaked my interest to the highest due to them being .... uhh... special. 

I have been finally placed in the Human Resources Department and I have encountered some of the most interesting scenarios ever. Whether it is experiences with staff, experiences with management, or even experiences with persons not even working for the company. 

I wanna share some of the things I have experienced. I wont be stating any names, may change some departments to the best of my ability if they are quite obvious and hope to keep this as entertaining and educational as possible. 

Please note that the Human Resources Department is a highly confidential department and a lot of things cannot be shared. So just know that this is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to the experiences I encounter.

I cannot state the frequency of these entries but I will state that while things are still fresh and still urgent I may express my feelings and lessons on the matter.

So once again Welcome to HHR Diaries


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