Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Show a little skin sometimes.

I have noticed that once you show a little more skin than usual people start to notice. I am the type of person who enjoys wearing a shirt, whether it be Tee, Polo, or a nice blouse, and a pant such as jeans or slacks. But the moment I put on shorts or a skirt people go ape shit. 

Like Saturday I decided to put on a shorts, mainly because I had no other bottoms to wear. So I had on my shorts and reached my mom's store and everyone is like "Look at legs" or "She showing off some skin today" or "She legs clean* she should wear skirts more often". Then I had parked the car and had to walk quite a distance to get back to the store and I was intercepted by a guy who said to me "You came to town to tantalize the men? You are raising my blood pressure you know." And proceeded to try and get me to go to the beach with him. 

My parents saw me during the day and they asked me if I was not going to change before I go on doing my errand. My response it was hot and I was achy after a long three hour walk I did that morning. While doing my errands one guy who I have grown accustomed to seeing and interacting with on a Saturday starts commenting on my shorts and so on.

Ok, for those who don't know what I look like I am on the thicker side. I am bottom heavy but not too big.  I have big thighs and a decent sized backside to go along with my thighs. 

Then at work yesterday I fell into the same category where I didnt have any pants to wear so I wore the only skirt I have in my wardrobe. My work skirt and I had left my shoes that I normally wear with the skirt by my parents house. So I asked my sister to wear her slippers. Then people who don't remember ever seeing me wear a skirt commented on my wearing a skirt saying that I looking out. Then others commented on the fact that I wore an open toe slippers to work. 

I believe that because while growing up I have always been a bigger child and got lots of attention from the males I decided to cover up. So that meant no more skirts or dresses or shorts. But being a "grown woman" I sometimes do enjoy a few skirts, a nice sundress, and a nice booty hugging shorts. They are good for my self esteem and makes me feel all kinda happy.

I would encourage others to try and take a step back and try doing something that you are not used to. It can be quite fun and you might get some good stories or receive interesting comments about them.



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