Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why am I single? #2

The second topic my sister had done was "Childhood Issues".

Now I dont want you to think I am just copying off of my sister but we are closer than we think we are. While her childhood issue was around specific events, mine was on my entire growing up from primary school up to now. 

Because I was a big girl when I was young, I looked like I(or maybe even had) matured even faster than necessary. So I was getting all this attention from guys who was in their 20s and 30s (even 40s) and I was 8-10. So from that age I noticed that I had some power being a woman and all but because of my age (and the fact that I was always around family and family friends) I pretty much had to ward off any attention that I used to get. So I had always loved wearing baggy clothes (men's jeans and a large or extra large shirt). That did very well for a long time. But then when I was in high school one of my teachers told my mom that I should be wearing proper girly clothes (bearing in mind this teacher was a guy).

So one day my grades was really low (I cant tell if it was end of yr or end of term) but my mom was soo upset with me that she told me not to wear my baggy clothes anymore. :(   That made me sad but I knew she was very serious. So since then all the attention came back and I have been turning guys down ever since. It has now become a norm to turn down guys. :(  I know this is lame but unless I make a conscious effort to hang out with a male friend (or friends kinda force me to) 

It even comes unconsciously because one of my friends was asking me out when I was in Uni and I gave all kinda excuses of why I wasnt gonna go. When my roommates noticed what was going on they basically arranged for me to go. 

So guys bear with me I am a hard nut to crack but once opened I can be pretty cool!!
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