Sunday, December 18, 2011

A predicament!

Ok I am in a predicament. I actually like a guy who likes me and I think I am brave enough to check him out. :| But I am also talking to another dude who I know he is interested in me and I find him interesting. Now I am like should I see what happens with this first dude and hope shit goes well.
My fear is that I will give up on it really quickly or I might be tooo clingy (like giving cling wrap a run for its money) But then it runs through my mind what if it isnt even like that, what if he just wants a shag and then move on ?(I know I used shag and that is British and I am not but I am watching Misfits :P) But yeah. Or even worst he is over obsessed or I am over obsessed? Now what if it turns out I marry this dude (ok i know I am jumping the gun here) but what if it happens?
Normally I would just wait for this wave to pass (wave as in a group of guys interested in me at the same time since that is how it turns out to happen all the time) I just dont know :(

Well this was just a random thought that I figured I should put out in the cyberworld for it to be swallowed up and move on with my life.


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