Monday, September 20, 2010

Cloves Fashion Tip- Corporate Interview

It has been a while and I have been collecting the Cloves Fashion tips for a while so these next few posts will be tips that I have been receiving!!!

What To Wear To A Corporate Interview

Even though the age of the power suit may have died along with the shoulder pad, looking professional is key to landing your dream gig. We know a slew of people are looking for jobs right now, and interviewing is stressful enough without worrying about what to wear. Even though dressing for corporate environments might not be the most sartorially exciting, there are plenty of ways to let your chic shine through. When shopping, keep in mind that fit is key; If you can't walk in your shoes, or your blazer is too large, your discomfort will show. Corporate desk job not your thing? We've still got you covered.

1. Wear a suit—You should have a few great suits in your closet, period. Look for slim pencil style skirts with a high waist that you can accentuate with a unique belt. If you choose pants, look for a more tailored, slim fit leg for a modern silhouette.

2. Simple shirts—Stick to basic colors like french blue, white, and slate gray. Keep things smooth and covered up with an ingenious invention- dress shirt unitards with attached thongs that keeps everything properly tucked.

3. Invest in the best— Since your clothes will be basic, use a quality bag and pair of shoes to show off your superior sense of fashion. Investing in more expensive pieces will keep you looking classic and not like you rolled out of a mall.

4. Shoe rules— Avoid open-toed shoes and make sure your heels are covered. We recommend a classic pump with at least a 3-inch heel in a round or almond shape. Pointy-toes, begone!

5. Button up— Jackets should have one or two buttons. Any more, and you'll start to look fuddy-duddy. Extra tip: If you're going for a slim pantsuit, balance out the fit with a shirt that's buttoned all the way to the collar for a subtle but trendy detail.

6. Play with your accessories—Distracting accessories like chandelier earrings or statement rings will have your interviewer paying attention to everything but what you're saying. Choose a simple but interesting cuff, watch, stud earrings, a simple necklace, or a patent belt.

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