Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cloves Fashion Tips - Style Shoes!!


No matter how many shoes you have sitting in your closet, be it 20 or 200, there are some staple styles that should be part of your wardrobe this year. But remember to match them to your body shape and ensure you are actually wearing the right size shoes.

The Black Pump – The "Little Black Dress" of Shoes

* Not much needs to be said about this classic pair of go-anywhere shoes, as versatile as the little black dress. Choose a style which makes you feel glamorous rather than conservative. Whether they be patent courts, sling bags or peep-toes, keep the heels fairly high to provide a feminine "leggy" feel.

The Neutral or Metallic Shoe

* For the times when black is boring or too somber, a neutral shade or metallic gold or silver is versatile enough to lift any outfit. In fact, metallic-colored shoes tend to elongate the foot, more so than classic black. Metallics look great against the canvas of a little black dress and this season's Goddess gowns.

The Semi-Casual Flat

* Be they colorful, or simply black. "A pair of stylish flats is an essential element of any woman’s wardrobe for the times when common sense must prevail". Low heeled enough to be practical, yet smart enough to pass muster in the office or less casual social occasion.

The Sexy High Heels

* Every women should have a pair of slutty, sexy shoes for the times they really want to create that “look-at-me” effect , or to really dress-up a mini dress or classic shift.

The Casual Ballet Flat

* Whether it be for the beach, walking the dog or just messing around, the casual flat is a practical necessity to be kind to your feet. Easy and comfortable; if you don’t have many pairs, then go for a metallic, black or neutral color, which will match pretty much anything.

* If the rounded toe of a ballet flat does nothing for you (especially if you are short) then opt for a more pointed toe to lengthen the leg, but avoid the elongated, outdated “winkle pickers” of previous years.

Wedge-Heels or Platforms

* One fashion indulgence for this season has to be some chunky, wedge heels or platform shoes. A perfect accompaniment to flowing maxi-dresses and micro minis, the heaviness of the shoe balances out a baby doll, smock or long flowing skirt. Wedges and platforms are a necessity if you are petite, as they make you look taller and give you some bulk.

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