Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Reconditioning Through Work

Dear readers,

I have noticed that while growing up you are conditioned to react a certain way to specific situations. Whether these conditions were conditioned through family or friends, this conditioning makes you who you are as an individual. I have some conditions which are very poisonous to my future career if I do not find some way to recondition myself.

I started working at another resort almost 6 months ago and I am unsure if I told you where but it is a really nice resort. I have worked in different departments so far but I am presently working in the Guest Services and although I have made some mistakes (incorrect reactions to situations) this department is the most comfortable since F&B (Food & Beverage). So a few of this mistakes make me look at how I can recondition myself to better the job, the resort and myself.

One mistake that I made was corrected by my coworkers and I was pulled up on it. My instant reaction was to be depressed because I try hard not to make any mistakes and I broke down in tears because I felt that I am incapable of doing the job. My sister informed me that mistakes are inevitable and they will happen often within the first few months because it is new to me. So I have reconditioned my thinking to understand that: Mistakes happen, learn from it.

From that same mistake I kept thinking about it and it was rotting away at how I felt. I was sad, I was worrying about how my coworkers will think of me as incompetent when I go back in, and I was fretting seeing my boss because I felt she thought I was incompetent. I was having nightmares of making the mistake and other mistakes, and I even had a dream that I was being fired. So I discussed this with my sister and she informed me that if I cant do anything about it why lament on it. What is done is done. I have therefore reconditioned my thinking to understand that : Let things go, if you cant do anything about it.  This is one that I need to work on still cause the reason I am doing this post  is because I cannot let my mistake go as yet.

Then my final mistake was basically a slap into reality. I have always been in the mind frame that you need to use your initiative when working. If you can deal with it then do it. Well maybe in some places that is how it should be but not where I work. In order to make as minimal amount of mistakes do not just assume you know. As they say Assume = making an ASS of U & ME. I have make an ass of myself too many times to feel comfortable because I didnt follow this rule religiously. I have reconditioned myself to understand that: it is not wrong to Ask Questions.  Asking questions makes sure that you are clear on everything and unnecessary mistakes are not made.

In order to wrap up I will identify these reconditioning as the MLA of Work. Mistakes happen, Let things go, and Ask Questions. So I shall see what happens when I apply these to my work ethics. If there are any more that I come across I will most definitely do a part 2.


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