Saturday, November 23, 2013

Signs of Love Making- 2014

Ladies ladies plz dnt forget SIGNS OF LOVEMAKING novembr 22nd DIAMOND ICE NIGHTCLUB tktz $40.00 $60.00 @da door ......... A male.exotic show like no other dont miss it NYC HOLLYWOOD.... JAMAICAN SENSATION AND APOLLO CURVE one stage one night LADIES ONLY EVENT .....LOTS OF PRIZEZ TO B WON AND LOTS OF TRICKS TO LEARN .........can u tell me 25 ways to use a strawberry becuz thy sure can ..... fr tkts n more info

LADIES the day is now here for SIGNS OF LOVE MAkING .....DIAMOND ICE NIGHTCLUB doors open at 8 showtime 10 .those ladies who hve not bought tkts yet ill be in twn call and come collect plz .... befre 5 tkts sales stop at 5:00pm $60 at the door

So these are the messages I have been receiving for the past few weeks. And then tonight was the big night where NYC HOLLYWOOD, JAMAICAN SENSATION AND APOLLO CURVE grind their way into everyone's heart. 

NYC Hollywood was the best of the three though. (Just my opinion.) 

SO I have been going to these shows for a while now. (probably since I was 18) and THIS would be my 6th show. One in St. Thomas, one in Leeds England and four here in Antigua. And I have concluded... women do not get enough play. I swear these women were basically drooling over these guys (of course i kept my composure) 

I got the tix through a buy 5 get $25 off special. But then most of my partners in crime bailed on me due to unforeseeable issues.  But I got a few of the tix sold of and got left with this one:

 So  on Facebook I first saw this and then I was bombarded with more eye candy  before the show:

Then they just kept coming and coming and coming. And the views were spectacular. Starting with NYC Hollywood who was like damn!!! Great body, great performance and just downright fine in person.

Then there was Jamaican Sensation, he was ok his act was pretty good but I wasnt feeling him. 

Finally there is Apollo Curve. When he first came out I almost died. Cute, locks, body were on point!!! Did I mention Locks!!! Then he started his act and it was ... meh. I got bored a bit. As my friend and I were discussing we were more focused on the smell of his soap (part of his act) than of his actual performance. 
 But a round of applause goes out to all of these guys for showing us their bodies, moves and penises . Yes, I did say Penises cause I can now say I have seen 3 extra penises and they were pretty impressive.

Oh and all 3 of them had with them these heavy ass chains:

And they all performed with them as well.

The only down fall of the event was the location. Very small and alot of ppl were standing because there were only 2 rows of seats, which made it difficult to maneuver easily.  And then the women, they were gyrating on each other when they should have been watching the show. I know you enjoying the music but I wanna enjoy the view but if you rubbin your ass on me it is quite distracting.

Well I shall head on to bed since I have work in the morning.

P.S. most of the pics above were from the messages I got from the promoter on IM.



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