Friday, November 8, 2013

Car Chases

Dear readers,

On my way home from work I was randomly thinking even though there are different car teams in Antigua (i.e. Team Honda, Team Toyota etc) and everyone is sporting up their cars. However there has never been a car chase.

In my 26 (in  a few days) years living living in Antigua I have never heard of a car chase. Yes the island is 108 sq miles and all but are you telling me that no one ever felt they wanted to run from the cops. Or maybe it is the fact that the police are not seeing when ppl doing shit and never actually get the opportunity.

I have witnessed one car chase in my entire life. There was one in Rhode Island in my first year, and the car passed my dorm and right behind him were the police. Then a few hours later I heard that there was a car chase that was in the area and I was like "OMG I Was THERE!!!"

Well, I just got home from work as I stated before and I have already been pissed off for the night due to a few fam issues. OH WELL!!!


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