Sunday, April 27, 2014

Can I do that? No, I can't!!

So my sister and I were talking and we were talking about the situation that the lack of a car is making things quite difficult for us. There is also a situation with the person who was supposed to fix the said car and he is not proving himself worthy.

My sister then stated that she read somewhere that Aquarians dont like people saying they can do something and in the end they prove that they cannot. If they are unable to do something just say that they can't. Instantly my mind started racing because .... I am one of those people.

I am ashamed of it but I have bean told always try. I have also been delegated tasks that I know that I cant do but just to take the weight off of other people I have not turned it down. I am presently in that situation and I know I should just address the people and apologize but I am so nervous of the reaction. I know I will have to face them eventually but I am not ready yet.

So I am the type of person that my sister does not like. But I know I was not like this at birth and was conditioned to be this way from something. How am I gonna handle this?? I noticed after this move there are lots of things about me that my sister does not like in people but I try to change just to make life easier. OK when I say lots I mean a few that my brain does not want to conjure up because it is weird like that.

I know they say people should accept you for who you are but when you don't know who you are you have a tendency to try and be what other people want you to be. That is one of the reasons why I chose to work in the industry I am in but now I realize that I need to be a solid well found person.So now I am even more lost.

If there was only a reset button.

Well there isn't so oh well.


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