Sunday, April 20, 2014

Moved out and more responsibility at work.

I have finally moved out of my childhood home and I am loving it!!!!

Not that I didn't enjoy the perks of living in the family home and all, the free food, free transport, free internet, free laundry/cleaning services. I just needed the free-dom. That is one thing I felt was lacking. So now that I have moved in with my big sis everything is at peace.

Well it was until our transport decided to go on the fritz this long holiday weekend. WHHHHYYY!!!!!?????

So now we have to wait on my father to pick us up and drop us where ever!!!

If I knew this was liable to happen I would have invested in a "CAR MAN". You know the kind of man that all teenage girls want. I heard almost all the girls in my high school raving about this "Car Man" not understanding the big deal about it. But now that I want to go places and have my freedom I can't; and I don't even have a "Car Man".

But such is life. In time I will own my own vehicle and not depend on anyone for all this shit.

I have also been quite busy at work. I am now working as a Human Resources Assistant/ Payroll Clerk. When I tell them that they say, "you making all the money now".

But hopefully soon.

Well I will soon have pics of my place and will share it with the world. MUHAHAHAH and then start planning my house warming party which will come with some more pictures :D

Well I gonna finish chilling online and then head on home since tomorrow will be an internet free zone. Maybe I should top up my phone some more. hmmm.

Oh well.


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