Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Figure

So I do not see myself as a poet but something came to me a few days ago and I didnt want to let it pass me by.

As morning sounds of birds rise me from deep slumber
I look to my side and see a figure which is not common to my everyday scenery
As recognition flickers into my foggy awareness
I smile remembering last night
Watching the motion of this figure mesmerizes me 
For a minute feel like I am in a dream
Feeling the rise and fall of its chest like the ocean
Then its eyes open and sees me watching
Such a gentle creature it  is
Gentle and peaceful
Learning everything about me
Awareness is present in its eyes 
I wonder what it is thinking about
No words need to be said this morning 
All the words were said last night
It turns its back towards me 
I watch the sight of its back 
I close my eyes 
Replaying the entire evening in my mind
Getting to know each other better
I open my eyes and this figure was gone.
My dreams are becoming way to vivid now.
This figure was almost real.

I have to say I have made some alterations (no not some, ALOT) but This is what I shall settle with.



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