Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 - 12 Days In.

2015. What is it about you that I just dont like. Could it be the fact that I dont see much use for you? Or the fact that you end in an odd number that I usually would like? Could it be that you mean we are coming to an end to the 20teen decade? Shoot it might even be the fact that in the next 2 years I will be ..... (dum dum dum).... 30.

But so far I am not impressed with you. You gave me false hopes on New Years Day. Nice and relaxing and then we cleaned up our awesome home. (We being my sister and I).

I entered the year sick as a dog and with a rotten toothache (that I still need to get checked out). Plus to top it off on the second day into the year Mary came with her gift. (Bitch = Mary) SO one part of Mary's gift is hormonal imbalance. I am very sensitive to everything and cry easily.

This is not a good trait to have when working in the hotel industry (especially in positions like Human Resources and Payroll). So other than all my physical ailments I had to deal with the fun and joy of stress from work. I truly wonder why we torture ourselves like this? Why not do what we want and make the money we deserve?

So, me being hormonal and VERY SENSITIVE I grew to hate work even more. (Yes even more because I am hating it already) The stress, the Murphy's Law, the people, the entire work in General. Which has driven me to this:

I have a high tolerance so this doesnt really do much to me but relax my spirit. But I am soo unhappy and gaining weight, not eating properly, not sleeping properly and hating work.

I am even being given way more work than I can handle. It is difficult.


2015, you have 353 more days to shape up. So shape up and step up!!!


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