Sunday, January 5, 2014


So it appears there is a Blogathon going on in which the resort I work for is taking part in along with other resorts on and off island. When I saw that the blogger was coming in yesterday I was like that is cool. But today, I had to find out who this person is. SOOO .. I found out the person's name and then turned to my friend Google, who was of great and immense help to me (being Google and all). I came across his blog, his twitter, Insta-gram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. Take about the power of the internet. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

So I first checked out the blog (Travel With a Mate) and read some of his blog posts and felt that pang of Wander-lust hit me hard. Then Checked out his Twitter and saw that he loves us. The first post I saw was "Best omelettes in Antigua they said. Very tasty! Like a big cheese sandwich made of egg!! " Which had a pic of his omelette. I must admit here has a mean ass omelette, my sister and I came here on a day pass just before I started working here and I fell in love with this place at that moment.

So I clicked the pic and couldnt get through on Insta-gram on my computer so I tried my phone which worked (I started following him of course) and saw his omelette and his room when he first came. His Google+ is quite lacking due to the face that no one ever uses Google+ anyways but all his blog posts can be found there.

He is a travel photographer which makes it real easy for him to be doing this and I think I wouldnt mind doing this one day. But as with everything you have to start somewhere.

Well he and his wife will be leaving the property tomorrow and I will be looking to see if I can see them before they leave. That would be great.


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