Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Travel Insurance

When I went to Ireland for St. Paddy's day with some friends of mine while studying in Leeds, I was advised to purchase Travel Insurance. I admit anything can happen while you are abroad and in a country you have never been before but I didn't see the purpose of my having one. However, just today I was looking at a few hotels in Rhode Island (one of which was being promoted by a hotelier who taught me in JWU) and I checked out their policies. I saw a segment for Travel insurance and they mentioned that you would be able to use your travel insurance to cover your stay or the cancellation fees if anything should happen.


Now I understand what else Travel Insurance is used for and I believe that is great cause I have encountered a few persons who had to stay over in the resort that I work in because they developed an ear infection and had to stay longer. Travel Insurance probably would be able to cover the payment for that situation.

The segment on Travel Insurance on the hotel's website directed you to a website called InsureMyTrip. Upon looking at it and testing out to check out what kind of quotes are being offered it seems quite legit and gives you some great options.

So to avoid being stranded, injured or mother nature dealt you a bad hand. Make sure you purchase your Travel Insurance before you travel. Remember Murphy??? He remembers you!!!!
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