Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Music - Alot of Videos

So I have noticed that some of my best memories have revolved around music. I can transport myself from one place to another just by listening to something. I do believe that is why I am not very into listening to music from the region. I dont get transported far enough. An example of this is when I went to visit my brother and he had to take me to work with him. I was in primary school and because I never really spent alot of time with my brother alone like that he wasn't too sure of my ability to keep still and so on. SO while he was working I was listening to my music. One song I remember listening to was Yellow by Coldplay: This song brought me to England and I just loved how it soothed me. I don't even know of I had been to England that much for it to comfort me so. There is also bands like Wheatus, Sum 41, and Blink 182 which made me feel like I was a teenager in America. I know that all Teenagers in America are not the same but this is what I understand about them.
I was really uncomfortable growing up because I always felt that I didnt blend in. While people were listening to Dancehall and Reggae, even Soca I was listening to this:

 Then when I noticed alot of persons were listening to Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop and I must admit that it is a genre that I do enjoy. Especially Floetry, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill:

R&B like this made me feel like I was in Brooklyn, Atlanta or the "ghetto" parts of London. My favourite which always kept me quiet was Heavy Metal which is one of the things which made me stand out from everyone else. I was a lover of Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Disturbed. They were very dark, and that is how I felt while growing up. Evanescence and Seether were good that that and dont even forget Korn.

 DID I MENTION I AM A BIG FAN OF MARILYN MANSON!!! One group which I was very skeptical about was System of A Down because in this song they mentioned "...Angels Deserve to Die..." but then when I borrowed the album from a friend I noticed that it said "...I Cry When Angels Deserve to Die...". Songs like this had a message which to everyone means different things. This group is Armanian and some of their songs have hints of their background which I find is very interesting.

  I just wanted to get out of here. I then got away and my music kept me safe and alive. But I didnt take my escape to the best advantages that I could have had. I do remember how music has played an awesome part of my being away. When I was in RI I had gone to a few bars which had local bands, and the club scene had great music. I have also done many long walks with music serenading me. When I went to Leeds I would always have on my radio and that just kept me calm and at bay. Sometimes music depicted the type of relationships I wanted where it was alot of hanging out and chilling which occasional M.O.S. Just being comfortable with a guy with no fears of the only reason he may be interested is to get into my knickers (I do prefer this over "panty").

 Music videos do play a great deal in my enjoyment of the song. In Drive by Incubus, it is a very simple video but artistic nevertheless.

 However in The Reason, Hoobastank was way more dramatic and action based. This is truly one of my favourite videos:

Foo Fighters always did something interesting like this:

Music has played a mega role in who I am today and I dont regret most of that. Some days I dont mind listening to some tunes that blatantly state that they want sex but songs that can make me think and allow me to apply it to my situation is always my preference. Makes me comfortable with who I am. Seriously, If I were to put a song from all the bands that I love you would never leave my page (which I dont mind, I enjoy your company)but I guess you have something productive to be getting done.


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