Monday, March 16, 2015

25 Songs 25 Days Challenge: Day 1 - A song from your childhood

I am here going through all my blogs subscriptions (since I have done all my YouTube subscriptions already) and I come across this lil challenge.

I am not known to be the most consistent person around but this would be a great test. I will attempt to post a song every day right here and the reason I chose this song for each of the categories above. This would also get me back into the habit of blogging. Especially since I was told that although I have a blog I dont really post anything. So I am planning on changing this.

SOOOOO..... Day ONE (1) - A song from your childhood.

SOOO MUCH MUSIC FROM THE 80S AND 90S :'(   This one is hard because there are soo many good songs from my childhood that resonates with me. However this came to mind.

My siblings, my mom and I were in Rochester NY by my mother's childhood friend and this song was playing and this is probably the day I fell madly in love with R&B. We were lying down in one of the bedrooms and watching MTV (when they used to show music videos) and this song came on. THE FUGEES - KILLINGS ME SOFTLY just the camaraderie and fun these people were having made me feel happy. This came out in 1996 when i was 8 going 9 and it is still one of my fav songs especially when she vocalizes.

Let me know what song from your childhood lets your extra happy bugs start to jump. Check back tomorrow for my next song.



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