Monday, March 16, 2015

Viktoria Modesta - Step like a Lady!

So I came across this video on Facebook and wanted to share it but facebook was acting like a royal douche on my phone. So I forgot about it all together. I then went into town and was watching how one woman was walking and she had no poise or femininity to how she walked. I automatically remembered this video and how this woman, Viktoria Modesta, could be handicapped and doesnt allow that to stop her.

She walks with grace, poise and each step is measured. You can see the strength in her legs as she moves but she still shows a level of femininity.

Check out this video.

I then had to check out some more about her and she is freaking gorgeous. Her voice is crazy nice!! I would follow her and she most definitely is inspiring.

Check this vid out:

So my aim is to learn how to step like a lady! Might have to get some nice heels to practice in!!! I do have a tendency to walk like a man at a construction site and then walking moving my hips to a beat I alone can hear


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