Friday, January 7, 2011

Cant sleep

Oh my Gosh, I want to sleep so bad but I cant. Everytime I close my eyes I either envision someone in the hotel industry trying their hardest to get a job and succeeding or I see myself being a Host.

I am scared shitless. I swear. I am not completely ready for this. I do not have questions to ask the interviewer. If the interviewer asks me why Blue Waters Resort I cant fabricate something (well i cant in my imaginary interview in my head). I dont know what to do or if someone would train me or if I will have to learn from experience.

I just did a lil research on what the Host's responsibilities are and this is what I found:
The host stand is your domain. To be effective, organization is key. The host or hostess job description includes keeping the stand or reception desk clean and organized at all times. Your first duty when getting to work is making sure that it is organized and ready for operation.
subcribe to food and beverage today

1. Make sure all menus are wiped down, free of spots or stains, and complete.
2. Make sure all menus are wiped down, free of spots or stains, and complete.
3. Make sure entry doors are clean, free of debris and inviting.
4. Check with phone reservationists, or answering machine messages to assure you have all reservations.
5. Check with manager to assure there are no large or private parties you do not know about.
6. Check with kitchen to see where they stand. See if they are behind or if they are out of anything.
7. Plan out the seating chart and organize the reservations (planning is everything when running an effective host stand).
8. Greets guests, escorts them to their table, pull seat out for the ladies, and present menus.
9. Make sure the server is aware they have been sat.
10. Keep the counts for individual server so things come out fair at the end of the night
11. Keep in constant contact with the servers and the kitchen to make sure you are not putting them in the weeds. A hostess job description does not include running a smooth shift, but it does separate the good from the great. A large part of the night’s effectiveness is orchestrated from the host stand.
12. Keep an eye out that the dining room, entryway, bathrooms, and menus are kept clean throughout operations.
13. Say good-bye to all of the guests. Check to see that everything was wonderful. Not only is the host or hostess the first impression the guest gets when they come to an establishment they are also the last. You should check with every guest and if there was any kind of problem quickly get a manager.
14. At the end of the shift you may want to do the server ant restaurant tallies.
15. Some establishments may also have you be a cashier as well.
16. Pay will be all over the map depending on where you are working and what is expected of you, but you can expect somewhere between $7-$15 per hour plus a percentage tip out from the wait staff.
17. The host or hostess description will very from restaurant to restaurant but this should give you a good idea of what to expect going in or what you should expect from your host personnel.
The property I am applying to is the Blue Waters Resort and it was started in 1960 as a 16 room guesthouse and presently is a 100 room resort with two restaurants.

Well since I am awake now my sub-conscience is at ease and I think I am going to take a lil nap before my alarm goes off.

All I ask is that who ever you are out there reading this. Pray for me. Although I am not the religious type but I really want this job even though I am scared that I will shit it up in some way or form. But if the universe wants to start me out in a position that I am scared of then I might grow to enjoy it to the max.


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