Tuesday, January 11, 2011

INTERVIEW in the next .... T minus 11 hrs.

Ok so I have received a call from the Blue Waters Resort staff, informing me that I have an Interview on the 12th of January 2011 at 10:30am.

Now I am getting mad scared because .... I dunno how i will be after I get the job. There is no reason for them to not like me. I am bubbly and I love to smile. But tonite hit me of why I am scared to get the job. Every second and fourth Tuesday in the month the Expressions : Poetry in the Pub has their poetry night. (Join if you are interested in sharing your poetry with the public.) Every second Saturday in the month The Best of Books' "Wadadli Pen Open Mic" has their poetry night. (Another good place to share your written and spoken word.)
Every other Friday my mom, my sister and I would go to the C&C Winehouse.

Now these are the only activities I do other than surfing the net and talking to people on facebook messenger or msn messenger. And I am scared that my new found job might take away this. But I guess this is what I sold my time and energy in University for (and bought some very expensive knowledge). To have no time for myself and to be a slave to the hospitality industry. Where your time is very rarely fixed and very often shifted.

Well I just had to share that. Cause I tell everyone that my fear is of the interview but my fear is really the job.



P.S. After Writing this I have 10hrs and 45 mins
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