Sunday, January 30, 2011

Work Nightmare

Remember all those dreams I have been having? Well I experienced a never-ending version of it today!! Mistake after mistake... no letting up. I was soo pressured I couldn't help  but to cry. I am soo happy today is my day off. Get to go to the beach ... help out at the hardware ... probably get a lil nice in the day.

I dunno it just feels like it is only getting worst but at least I know I have people like K and M (that works with me) that is willing to give me a good pep talk. Plus the encouragement from home. Proves to me that not only am I too soft for my own good but I am going to have to work mad hard to become tougher.

And to make matters worst today, my deodorant wore off. 24 hr protection my ass!!! So two of my co workers informed me of my slight HBO.

Plus when I reached half way home I had to turn back to go back to the resort to sign out.
Talk about a hell packed day!!! A true FML day!!!

I shall try the method that both my sis and K(at work) advised me to do. Create a routine that would help with the fast times!! I started but it was mental and only works when it was a calm day or just before service time.

Oh gosh I think I might owe the resort for a bottle of water. oh snap. We will see.Today was just a big big big mess. And now I am afraid of going to sleep cause of the crap my subconsciousness has stored and ready to release.


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