Thursday, September 1, 2011

Break the Chains

I have come across many different concepts in life and I truly have no idea which one is the one that suits me best.

In the video above he is basically saying do you. Don't do what others expect of you and don't do what your fears are forcing you to do (which I find is the hardest thing not to do.

However, I have some friends who live by the concept of live to be happy. If you are not happy move on and find happiness. Which is what I have been trying to achieve for the time being.

Then the rest of the world is like buck down and learn from the bad times and reward yourself for the good times. But then if there are more bad times than good times, that is alot of information to retain.

However, I am in a slight dilemma where I am now in a position at work where I am doing something that I was trying to get away from when choosing my career. :(
The reason I have chosen the career field I am in is because I love the interaction with different people from all around the world. When I started the job as a hostess, I had that great experience and after a few months of intense training I have fit in. Now that I am in this new position I have very little interaction with guest (which is the main reason I decided not to go into Business Management), have to construct email which have to be at a level which I might not reach in the next couple of weeks, and other administrative tasks which makes me miserable and makes me wanna die. I have no issues with the idea that I will have to do those tasks while operating a hotel but I at least want to know more about the establishment before being forced to do such tasks.

I miss the guests. I have interacted with some very interesting people some of which I still keep in contact with (ok just one).

Since I started working in my career field I have never been sick and no matter how much I say I am going to call in sick I never do because I truly enjoy the interaction with the guest. Now that I am in the administrative setting I have gotten a severe cold and still trying not to call in sick due to the situation that I am still on probation and don't want to seem like I am sick because of the position I am in now.

But then there are everyone else who believes that the reason I studied hotel management was to be working in a management position. Which is partly true. The main reason was because I wanted to have the theoretical understanding about the industry and then gain the technical experience. From there I would move on and be my own boss and do what I need to do.

I want to follow what Aman is saying and don't do what others expect me to do; as well as do what my friends advise and be happy and aim for that. I believe that on the quest of happiness you will come across some humps and hurdles that is what you learn from but in the end you are happy. But I will try and suck it up (unless I have a mental breakdown and need to be administered into the psych ward) and carry out my duties to the best of my abilities.

Well I need to wake up in the next few ours so I shall try and go back to sleep and hope that I stop dreaming about having to draft up emails. Wish me luck.


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