Monday, September 26, 2011

Ms. Dynamite x Amplify Dot x Lady Leshurr x Lioness

I am not one to go and look for indie artists but when they are introduced to me through a friend or family or even a socialite (Ray W. Johnson, B.Scott) I would look into other stuff that they have done. The above video shows that harmonizing is some of the most epic thing ever. The song was originally done by Ms. Dynamite: Amplify Dot aka A. Dot reminds me soo much of Dizzy Rascal but female. I love this song right now: and Kano is HOOTTT!!!! GOSH!!! Lady Leshurr she is a great asss Rapper. She is a literal mix of Lil Wayne, Busta, and Chris Brown. WOW!!!! This song proves that she can do all of them to her own lyrics and they just sick!!! I love the original but this one is WAYYY BETTER!!! and last but most def not least Lioness is a great lyricist. I like her style. Check this one out not only does it sound sick but it got some dub in the back: So hope you enjoyed them as much as I did ;) OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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