Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A lil piece of my mind!

It is interesting that you could be around a dozen or more people and still feel oh soo alone. I have heard people mention it but when that is how I feel everytime I hang out that is when I begin to worry. Unless I am in a very relaxed state and my conscience is on the sidelines chilling I feel very frigid and dont know how to interact around people. (Even worst guys). I know people can sense that i am uncomfortable but I dont know how to over come. Then one of my friends asked me what happened in my past to make me react like this and I truly have no idea. I know there has been some experiences that I have forced out of my mind and do not remember them on purpose. Last night I went to an open mic poetry and I have discovered being alone you think some crazy shit. You could be surrounded by complete strangers and some acquaintances and nothing over the top jumps into mind but as soon as you are alone and have tons of time on your hands you start to think all kinda crap. Ok, I dont know where this is going or where this is gonna finish so I will end now. OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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