Monday, September 12, 2011

The Help!!!

First I must let you know I am no movie critic or anything. But I must tell you that next to "Easy A" I am going to place "The Help" on my top best movies recently seen. Emma Stone was who attracted me to this movie but when I left I was sooo proud to be a black woman today. The movie made you laugh your head off and cry (literally cry with water coming down your face). It makes you look back at what black people had to put up with in the USA just 50 years ago. It also makes you think of all the ignorant people who was living back then and to believe that a few of them still living in this world today. If there is one thing I must tell anyone who is reading this, it would be make sure you watch this movie. If you try to compare it to anything, you better put it second place to The Colour Purple. It was that good. The characters were really strong and they were introduced well. At the end of the movie all the loose ends were tied up and you didnt leave the cinema wondering WTF? However, I did say this movie made me proud to be a black woman today, but it also makes me feel sorry that there are soo many black women who either dont know what happened in the past or they just dont care. It also makes me think about what people expected when they encounter a maid. They basically want them to do what people do in Restaurants and Hotels but in a degrading manner and with very little if any please and thank you from their masters. I shall not write too much now since I am going to do some searches for some Service articles and maybe even relate it to this movie. OH and if there is one thing I can leave with you is makes sure you watch this Well ttfn OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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