Saturday, May 8, 2010

Iron Man 2 and The back up plan!!!

Today was an aight day. This morning it was all rainy and cloudy and lightning and thunder all around. Then my girl Sandy texted me and asked if I wanted to go and see a movie so I saw IRON MAN 2!!!!! My lil review on it :

It was a good movie. Great action, got someone i didnt expect in there (just think pulp fiction). Then there was Scarlett Johansson omg she was great in the movie. Great action flick true to marvel. There are scenes that I can see in the actual comic book!!! Plus I am a fan of Robert Downey Jr. He is good!!! So I would recommend it to comic book fans and just anyone who likes Action!!!! However I would not buy the dvd I didnt regret watching it on big screen.

I also saw the break up plan and all i can do is direct you to my sis's blog and what she said is exactly what i thought:


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