Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update ;)

Almost there but the time isnt passing soon enough!!! I must admit people like my roomies A and J are making the time spent here SLIGHTLY better but I cant wait till I go back home and I can feel more comfortable.

Graduation from this place is on the 22nd. A week from Saturday and I feel like I am done with this place but I still got shit to do for my classes!!! :(

But I am almost done and people who love me are coming up in 8 days so I would be able to be happy once more :D

Almost there!!! I gonna go and do my paper due tomorrow (well finish it) and then do my art due tomorrow as well and then loaf online for a while longer and then just do some more work :)

Cant wait to get my Graduation pics!!!!


Ok that is a slight update of what going on in my mind.



P.S. I am still cold so i collected my heater from the community center and I am going to kill the room with some heat cause I find it mean that I Have to suffer for their needs ;)
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