Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lunch movies and fam!!!

Hey hey hey!!!

I just made a reservation at the Restaurant that we are going to have my graduation dinner and the lady told me that she got clobbered over the head and thinks she might have a concussion!!! WOW! I told her to go to the doctor to make sure she doesnt have one! I really feel bad because I cant help but laugh!

Today I went to lunch with my roomy and when we were on the bus coming back to the dorm this dude sat right next to me. He smell of PURE SWEAT!!! YUCK!!!! OMG!! And then that reminded me of the time my mom and her friend went to aerobics, my mom's friend's daughter and I were sitting in the lobby of the gym and this BUFF!!! (Buff Tone kinda guy :Kim) started talking to us like we knew him and he smelt of SWEAT!!! Now as a lil girl being approached by this Buff guy (i think he was even bald) that had scarred me for life!! LOL

But I still am attracted to buff dudes but damn that is crazy!! the smell of sweat was just overbearing and yucky!!! 

Yesterday I went to the community center and saw my girl Kenya from my old dorm and I told her that I was going to sell back some of my books so she agreed to come with me. So we went and then we went to the computer lab to print some stuff and then we met up on one of my other girls Jess who lived in my old dorm as well and we decided to go and get some food!! So we went walking in hunt for food and Kenya decided to ask this fat guy about places to get good food. He told us about a few places that could be seen as bars and one restaurant (we are broke students so the restaurant was out of the question). We then decided to go to the closest bar and got 2 appetizers to share and our own meals. That was such a good meal that I would do it again! Then we went to the mall and bought a few cheap movies and went back to Kenya's room and watched Waiting to Exhale LOL!!!   Yesterday was soo much fun I am sad that it had to happen at the end of the tri. :( 

But yea. I am going to continue studying and all kinda other crap!! Tomorrow is my Finals and the day my fam comes up!!! YAY!!! so ttyl!!


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