Friday, May 14, 2010

Wuthering Heights

Ok someone tell me if I have lost my mind because I have gained a strange attraction to old films. I had gotten hooked to the new version of Knight Rider but then because it was canceled I was unable to go past episode 17. So I decided to watch some of the older Knight Rider and I noticed that the reason I was hooked to the recent one was because:
1. The guy who played Michael wasnt too bad on the eyes!!!
2. The technology that was in KITT was really really cool!!!!
3. The little relationships in it was interesting.
4. The fact that KITT was a true AI (Artificial Intelligence) In the beginning he was just a machine with a bunch of data by the end he had a personality. While in the older one KITT was cocky from the beginning.

So, after noticing how much I hated the new one I decided to move on to other shows of the 80s and 90s. I looked up Quantum Leap and was like YAY !!! UNTIL... I reached 15 minutes into the show and remembered that I was interested in MacGyver. But then I was like .... MacGyver was ok but Quantum Leap was more my speed for now.

So I am on my 3rd episode of season 1 and I came they mentioned Heathcliff and Catherine. So of course I googled it and found out that they were the main characters in

Wuthering Heights

Sorry for making it soo big but I want to either watch it some day or at least read the book whatever is available. :)  But I am going back to my show ;) 



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