Thursday, November 8, 2012


I had spoken to my sister and we have figured out that one of the developmental skills you learn while grown up was absent from our lives. And now it makes me feel Broken. While this song has nothing to do with my situation. It does hit a chord with me. I have always wondered why I am soo afraid of men. However having a discussion with my sister I noticed that my interaction by guys was limited during my teen years. So one of my close (and few) guy friends tried an experiment with me to just hang out with him and he could see that I was highly uncomfortable alone with him. However as we would start talking it would be cool and I would relax. But some guys I never relax around. He had gone off to University. Now that he is gone and I see I am getting closer to the age of 25, I notice that his experiment would work however he is different from most guys. He is cool and easy to talk to (even though he would insult me once in a while). I will have to take my fear by the horns and plummet it to the ground. OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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