Saturday, November 3, 2012

Old Movies : The Worst Witch

I can't believe they finally shared this movie on youtube!!! I have been searching for this movie for .... approximately 6 years!! and just a week ago a wonderful lady shared it!! It brought so much memories. I noticed that a lot of my character was built on movies like this (The Worst Witch) and the movie "The Witches". They were British films about witches and I loved them both!!!
Mildred is one of the young girls at a prestigious witch academy. She can't seem to do anything right and is picked on by classmates and teachers. The headmistress of the school, Miss Cackle, has an evil twin sister (Agatha) who plans to destroy the school. Can Mildred foil the plan before the Grand Wizard (Tim Curry) comes to the Academy for the Halloween celebration you'll never forget?!! Written by Evan Shenkman
I shall share this and try and get my own copy in case youtube is against this!! Check it out: LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE!! Bearing in mind I love TIM CURRY and I have a wicked girly crush on Fairuza Balk!!!! OXXO Mayeshah!!
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