Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I have been in a very uncomfortable living condition lately. So I was talking to my brother about how bad it has gotten and he tole me it was best to move on. Then I started thinking how am I going to just up and leave everything I own and cherish. My brother must have read my mind because he sent me a few links on becoming a Minimalist. I have no idea whether I would have the will power to do this (since I am a semi-hoarder). I then read through the links and figured it seems possible. One of the links had identified an e-book which outlined 7 steps to becoming a Minimalist. So I bought it since it was just US$0.99 (couldn't pass up that deal) So I begin my journey to minimalism real soon. I had looked around my room and bathroom and wonder why I have all this junk. So much memorabilia from different places and different aspects of my life - Primary School, Secondary School, State College, JWU, LMU and other random instance I have acquired junk. I thought a bit more and figured if I took a picture of the item and maybe blogged about the item then I wouldn't need to have the physical item and would reduce the amount of clutter. Thus entering a new and improved minimalist lifestyle. So my plan is to take my time and go through my junk and deal with them accordingly. Clothes that can't fit or are our of style can be given away; shoes as well. Books that have been read could either be given to the library or sold to the bookstore. My collection of mini liquors can be drunk :), well after I blog about then and why I started collecting them. I have papers from uni and so on, those can be tossed (with my eyes closed). There are alot of items I do hoard but with time I will psychologically dis-attach myself from them. I will slowly but surely keep you posted with my journey.:) OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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