Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ok I need to get this off of my shoulders some way or another and it is hard to say it to anyone.

But I need a single man!!!

I have been given advances to be sexually related to some of my guy friends but these guy friends are in relationships with Girl friends of mine. I use the word friends really really loosely. So I have thought about it, contemplated if it could work or what. I thought maybe if it was just out of curiousity if I wouldn't feel as guilty. But then I think that is where Facebook plays its part. I was just on fb and I saw one of the "prospective guy friends" out on a dinner date with one of my girl friends and I was like ......" why in heavens name would I even try anything with him even if it is out of curiousity!!!" I would not want it to be done to me so why would I even do it to someone else. Plus someone who I respect and enjoy hanging with. :(  After that I looked at the other prospective  guy friend and I was like " I have had a crush on this dude for  like 5 yrs. Why not just go through with it just out of PURE  Curiousity" Then I looked at his girl and it is someone that I talk to when she comes into the store. AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! So I made up my mind that they are most certainly off limits unless they are out of relationships. And I am happy that (1) Those dudes don't read my blog, (2) Those Girls don't read my blog, (3) even if anyone who knew them read my blog they wouldn't know if it was them exactly because I have lots of girl friends who fit the criteria above. Then after looking at the pictures of the girlfriends it popped into my mind! Why would these guys wanna try anything with me when they have girlfriends that look like that!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! PPL Has  Gotta  Stop !!!! They have really pretty girls and still wanna be curious? Makes me wonder what is wrong with the picture or ...... (shit I lost my train of thought!!!) Oh well.

Well I shall put my conscience to good use!!! And either wait for these dudes to be single (which might be NEVER) or just wait for a single dude :( (Which might take FOREVER) (that is funny Never and Forever !hahahah!) Well I gonna go back to reading my book that I got from my friend in England :), HOT SEX by Tracey Cox.



P.S. My head hurts from thinking about this shit too much and I was told by a friend that I think too much!!! FML
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